What new tech is already in the works?

What amazing new technology is already in the works?

Technology is always progressing, adapting and changing, never standing still. Things that seemed impossible can start becoming possible afterwards. For instance, only recently wearable computers seemed like a fanciful idea, but they are already on their way of becoming mainstream now. The same situation is experienced in the world of virtual and augmented reality, that are on their way to become mainstream after the emergence of the Oculus Rift headset.

With this in mind, you may wonder what amazing new technology is already in the works. For your amazement, we will cover here several interesting futuristic technologies that are already in the works and we will be seeing most probably in the near future.

The H202 From Jet Pack International

Jet Pack International is a market leader in designing and developing jetpack technology. With their H202 and H202-Z gadgets, users get to fly at a maximum height of 250 feet at up to 77 miles per hour. These jetpacks are using hydrogen peroxide as their fuel, as their name suggests. This technology has a great potential, allowing for controllable and very mobile flight with some very compact units. The only features that still need improvement are the distance and travel time. The gadgets are actually currently available as kits you can assemble yourself.

Aerofex Aero-X

The Aerofex Aero-X is a real-life equivalent reminding of the speeder bike familiar to the Star Wars fans. The gadget is powered by two large rotors and a water cooled 240 horsepower engine, being the result of over 15 years of research and development. The Aero-X is able to reach speeds of up to 45 miles per hour and to hover at an altitude of 12 feet. Aerofex claims that the gadget is easy and safe to control. The Aero-X is currently available for preorder and scheduled to be available later in 2017.

Prosthetics With A Sense Of Touch

A new type of prosthetic hand is controllable and has a sense of touch, connecting directly to the remaining nerves in the wearer’s upper arm. The technology is developed by a group of European scientists and engineers. This prosthetic hand represents a great leap forward. Requiring a lot of processing power, the hand is hooked up to a laptop. However, the technology is still in works and in the near future a miniaturized version of the processing computer will be integrated within the implant itself.

Iron Man suit

A combat suit for the U.S. Army that resembles to the Iron Man suit from the popular movie franchise is currently in the works. Within the next four years, the TALOS suit will become a reality within. The suit will provide shock and fire as well as ballistic protection for soldiers in Special Operations. The development is proceeding at a rapid pace with the aim to provide these soldiers with more versatile, more mobile and better protection than what currently exists. A complete working prototype is scheduled to be tested in August 2018.

Super Maglev Train

Beyond Maglev technology, the super Maglev train represents the new generation able to be even faster. China’s researchers are working to develop this new transport technology that encapsulates the train in a vacuum tube. This way it will be possible to achieve mind-boggling speeds by further reducing air resistance. The team working on the super Maglev train claims that it will possible to attain speeds of up to 1800 miles per hour




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